Appending bezier points to an IPO curve

First, a short background into what I am doing. I have a script which reads data from an ascii file and creates IPO curves from that data. I had been using the addBezier method to create the points along the curve. It seems that this method has been recently deprecated in favor of the append method. Now what I have noticed is that append is much slower than addBezier. Formerly, on a sample run, this script took ~0.70 seconds to execute. Now with the same sample run, but using the append method instead, the execution time increases to ~6.4 seconds.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?

One possible reason for this slowdown, is that some optimisations that ideasman_42 made to the ipo calculation code (for 2.42) has now been removed from cvs. These optimisations did speed up the code for adding beztriples to ipo curves, but at the same time broke other features (i.e. changing the extrapolation type on a linear curve).


Alrighty, thanks for the reply. Are there any other methods for adding points to the ipo curve? The append method is prohibitively time-consuming. I have been looking through the API docs, but I am still rather new to Python and am having trouble getting my thoughts wrapped around some of the information there.