Appending compositing nodes in 2.82

Hi there :slight_smile:

I’m having a problem appending nodes - including compositing - in B2.82. In the original Blend, I select all the nodes and group them. Rename to something that makes sense, do the same with one of the materials in the shading page, save and close.
In the new Blend, I open the compositor, go to append in the file menu, navigate to the saved file and node tree. The node don’t have the saved names - they are named NodeGroup and NodeGroup001, so I don’t know which is which.
I try appending each in turn - nothing. Then select a cube, go to the material editor, and try appending each in turn- still nothing.
So, I’d appreciate some help in, firstly naming the groups so that I’ll recognie them afterwards, and secondly in how to append them.