Appending does not work in 2.40RC(solved, but have question)


  1. Create a new scene with the famous cube
  2. Save the blend as eg. Test1
  3. Create a new blendfile and choose append under file
  4. Go to the Test1 blend and try to append the cube from Test1

I do not get anything appended.

As far as I can tell it’s impossible to append from the blend file you’re currently working in, even if it is another scene. Blender won’t even let me select it in the file selector.
Appending it from a new file does work for me though. I’m using Blender 2.40

Weird, because I start with a fresh blend also and I’m using 2.40RC too.
I’m not making this up, it is just so simple, but it fails…

And I did not mean a new scene, but new blend file. sorry. (is now editted)

Did you check all the layers and look in the OOPS/Outliner?

Thanks for the hint, I’ve checked the outliner :

  1. In the OOPS view I see Cube objects
  2. but not in the other “View”, “Outliner”

Is the append function supposed to work like this? In other words, should I log this as a BUG in the Bugtracker of Blender or not?

It looks like the cube object, material and scene are not connected in the outliner OOPS, how can I connect them as a workaround?

To make it more clear I’ve also made a printscreen of my steps in the pdf which you can download at:

Your “Click Mesh and Load Cube” is your perceived problem. In fact it has done exactly what you asked of it… it appended the Mesh (a Datablock that needs to be linked to an Object). You want to select the Cube from the OBJECT menu.


That is it! Thanks!! Sorry to oversee that:-)

One thing though… If you open anew blend with the cube and you delete the object, cube… there will still be MECube shown in the outliner OOPS.

However this does not happen with an object that I add and delete.

… and if this happens , it is possible to “connect” the MeCube object again?

Yes, Add Mesh >> Circle, and then don’t click how many subdivisions, just drag the cursor away so that that box closes. Now you have added a Mesh Object with no Mesh Data. In F9, Links and Materials tab goto the ME: menu and find your Cube meshdata.


Fligh % thanks again for the help, I’m starting to understand the data/link/object concept more now.