Appending Does Not Work, Links Instead 2.9

So I am working on a project and have been appending blend files into my scene, and works perfectly.
Now when I want to append one specific file (collection) into my scene, they become links and not individual objects within the scene.

I can’t move them or do anything other than disabling them or deleting them.

Can anyone help?

Uncheck, “Instance Collections.”
I learned this weekend that this will bring everything in locked: you won’t be able to see the individual objects. Unchecked and it will permit.

hm… I have instanced collections already turned off…
These are my settings.TeamViewer_ZVBObNy6o5

Managed to fix the issue by packing all data into the blend file before appending the other blend file.

Found this thread by accident…
The Collections workflow can be a bit confusing at times.

If you Append and use the default settings, the Collection comes in as a linked reference.
As it only links in the ‘placeholder’ for the Collection, so you cannot make it into a local object.

If you Append & uncheck Instance Collections, it should gives you the exact same setup as in the original file, so all objects are visible.
It also -should- give you full control as it was created in the current blendfile.

Doing the same two steps for Linking Collections does the same thing, but for some reason you cannot make a non 'Instanced Collections" linked Collection fully local.
The Outliner will show you no linked objects in the now local Collection, and you’re able to delete the linked blend file in the Outliner/Blender File section, without messing up the scene.
But you cannot select any Objects from the localized linked Collection for some reason. Rigs & Empties do work…

Maybe that’s what you’re seeing?

Oh… And if you already have linked Collections in the scene, the above sometimes doesn’t work properly for both Appending & Linking Collections. At least on my end in 2.83 LTS.


Thanks for the response, idk what caused the issue but i managed to resolve it anyways!