appending files

I need to create a script that appends a file (which contains a character) to another file (which contains the world).
I figured out that i needed the command:
But i’m a bit lost in the arguments.
What’s the diffrence between filepath and directory?
Also, i wanted to use relative paths (which is by default on true), but what is the starting point of the relative path?


you could look at how I did it here.
watch the file path, you may need to change it.
append model

thanks for the reply,
The script is very handy, but is there maybe somewhere where I can get some more information about how it works, because I don’t really understand how you get the dpath and opath? What is the diffrence exactly?

I’m not really sure, I took this method from the fracture addon.
There’s another example here:
which uses a different method.

I still don’t really get i :s
What I tried to do is this:

bpy.ops.wm.link_append(filepath="//model.blend\Object\Cube", filename=“Cube”, link=False)

And I get the error “not a library”, when using an absolute path it works perfectly. So I was just wondering what my relative path should be.
by the way, the world.blend and model.blend are in the same folder.