appending from library corrected

The appended objects are there in the Outliner but are not linked to the [scene}[/quote]

They’re either on a layer you don’t have open or you appended a Mesh (the verts, edges, faces and all the data about where they are in local space and what is linked to them) and not a real Object (from the OBJECT library, not the Mesh lib)


Thanks Fligh %.

My problem is I think procedural. I tryed so many different things I was confusing myself. You have to RNB LMB from the OBJECT lib
as you said then load. Then things show up in the 3D window.

Although thay don’t always stay. Sime time thay just vanish and I have to
load them again. Probably another procedural thing.

I am appending, is there a way in 2.40 to link to the lib?

Yes, in the header of the Shft-F1 window you can toggle between Append and Link. Linked Objects come in with a blue Object Center and cannot be edited in the linked file, only the home file. However, you can Duplicate the object and delete the Link from which it was duplicated.