Appending groups does not work.

Hello. I’m new to the forums and also rather a Blender newb. But yeah.

Here’s my question: I have made a couple of spaceships consisting of multiple meshes (folding wings etc), all having their own group. I try to append the one group into another, but as soon as i do so, nothing happens: The browser window that lets you select things to append disappears and the usual interface pops up again. No group is shown, not even in the outliner window. What has happened and how do i solve it?

Feel free to shout at me for asking an overasked question :wink:

Why not post the file (only relevant object) and let us look at it? (You’ll need to “go advanced” for that - just in case you don’t know.)

And welcome to Blender Artists :slight_smile:

Isn’t that wonderful workflow? This is normal, you have appended a group successfully. In order to see what you just appended create an empty activate dupligroup and type in the name of the group you just appended.


What the hell is a dupligroup?

Nevermind. I just found out that after appending a group, you have to press <space> and Group, and then the file :slight_smile:

But wait! I also found out (½ minute later) That it does not allow the editing of the object, nor adding properties to other objects in the group! What to do?

when you see the Append or Link window, you should also see the Append or Link options (2 buttons at the bottom, or the top), choose Append and it will let you modify the object as you wish :slight_smile: