appending / linking groups

using the new group option in blender, i’ve made some groups which i want to append / link in to a main .blend file. Some of these files get appended no problems, but some of them, when I click to bring them in, say ‘not a library’ and don’t load. I can’t see why some work and others don’t. any ideas?

in blender, > append > open harbour.blend (file below) > Group > theHarbour > load library…

and ideas why this doesn’t work?

i’m using blender 2.42a


acutally, I’ve also found it is the same problem when trying to append objects, materials etc. 90% of files I make say ‘not a library’ and won’t append in to another file… it seems a real shame I can’t get it to work…

Hmm, are you sure you are selecting ‘.blend’ files … not ‘.blend{1…}’ files? The second type which are backup/previous version files can’t be used for appending until you rename them to a .blend extension.


Yes, it’s definatly the .blend file, I can navigate around the objects in the .blend, and file all the objects / groups / materials etc, but when I click to append, i just keep getting ‘Error : Not a library’

It seemed to work the first time I downloaded blender 2.42, but then, either i’m doing something wrong, or the programs gone wrong. I’ve tried removing, reinstalling, and also tried version 2.42 and 2.42a, - with the same results

it works in version 2.41 on my computer, but ofcourse, this version doesn’t support the ‘groups’ feature - which i see as a very useful feature