appending nodes

is there a way to append nodes setup from one file to another?

i mean i can copy an object with all mate text but it does look that this will include the nodes setup!

any suggestions on this ?


Yes, in the source scene select the nodes you want to make available in the copy. Add them to a group. Re-Save the file.

Then in the new scene, do a file append of that group.

when you say select the node you mean to select the object wiht the node?

and make it a group which one are yout talking about vertex group or else?


Move your mouse over the node editor and press B-Key then box select your nodes.
Then press CTRL-G to create a group out of those nodes.
Press CTRL-R to rename the group.
Then do a file Save.

You can now import that group of nodes from another file.

There is a video tutorial on CG Cookie on how to “reuse node trees from previous files”.

i tried to make a box and gather everything in node window
but when i do the Ctl-g i get an error message that it cannot get the render layer ?

not certain what to do with this ?

i’m trying to work with the Fire blend file from Durian site

the nodes setup composite is very complicated and i need to transfert it to another file
if possible - there must a way to do that ?

i’ll try to check the vid if i can find it
but not certain if this will show it for composite nodes!

check out the site but i did not find the tut on Nodes it must be well hidden
anybody has seen this one for nodes append?


It means exactly what it says. You can’t put RenderLayers in a group. Group everything but the RenderLayers node. You have to reconnect the group to the render layers in the new scene anyway.

Thanks found the way to do it with video

but not easy to do and not obvious
you need to add teh group with space bar in node editor

and then add the render layer and re connect

but seem to work fine now