Appending not working (again)

I saw some other post about this but I can’t seem to make it work.

I create 1 blender file with a cube mesh and save it. Then I open new file and append the mesh (Shift F1 -> the select the file -> mesh -> cube ->load library). But I can’t find the cube. What could I have done wrong?

Select File >> Object >> Model…


The biggest problem that most people have is not naming the the “object” or the “mesh” from a prior project.

Append and object or append a mesh? Boy, that is confusing. Which one. I assume that you want to append the OBJECT.

Even the project itself isn’t named.

Another problem, is they forget that the appended object is in another layer. Press the “~” button while the mouse is over the layer buttons (and in object mode) to reveal all layers before appending.

Thanks a lot! It’s working now.