Appending objects along with their materials, textures and animation

I am new to blender, and I started with trying to append new objects from blends available online. I looked over various videos/tutorials and they all state that appending the object / linking the object should get it into my blend.
The problem is that whenever I append, I get the object only, and not its materials (The animations sometimes do get copied).
For example : has a dragon with all the textures and animations, but whenever I try to append the object or the scene, I get a dragon without any material/texture on it.

I know this might be a very rookie question, but I have not been able to figure out what to do since the past 3 days. SO any help is appreciated.

I appended all the objects in that blend file and the materials all came in ok

Show a screenshot of exactly you are appending
Are there no materials showing in the material panel?
Are you in textured view
You need to supply more info and an example blend file before and after you have appended it
Also basic info:
blender version
computer spec etc

This is how it looks like while appending

and when I press “P” to play its animation, it looses all its texture like this

I am using an i7-4700MQ / 8GB DDR3 / GT 740M Laptop

Sorry for the repost

Sorry for the repost