Appending Objects from other Blender files

(aayers) #1


I’d like to know if it’s possible to load Objects from Libraries (from other Blender files) using python script. Basically, something similar to the Append function from the Blender GUI.

If it is possible, what are the modules and functions I’d have to use. A quick demo of code would really be appreciated.

Thanks to all for their insight.


(totmacher) #2

hi, i just started working on an xml-client for blender.

Things that are working right now:

  1. conection to http/xml-rpc Server (zope) via http and/or xml-rpc
  2. Asyncron connection, own thread -> blender won´t stall while retrieving files.

If you use an xml-rpc server like Zope(programmed in python you get an persistence framework.
now you can put/get objects via http.
all the object serialization is done automatically.

Summery: now you can store and retrieve blender objects on/from the server.

These are only the basic requirements. all things need to more worked out. and a real concept has to be made.
Any suggestions ?

Is ist ppossible to distribute and embed your own dll´s and py-modules within a blender publisher exe ?

By the way i would like to by publisher licence :wink:

Don´t expect this to happen in near future, but in 2-3week.