Appending objects

(Ender) #1

Is there an easy way to append something from antother file to the file i’m working on. I want to import an entire character, the only prob is that the character is made out of a lot of seperate surfaces. I’ve used parenting to get the whole thing to do what I want (leg and arm movement) but in the append dialog I have to select each bit on its own and there’s a lot. Thanks.

(VelikM) #2

Shift + right click to add to the selection set. The selected items turn blue, when you have all the elements that you want to import selected then click ‘Load Libarary’ (Shift + right mouse button drag works also)

(hweihe) #3

I just delete all objects that I don’t want to transfer and save to a new file. Then I append all objects from that one.