Appending or Linking Materials....

Hey guys! :wink: how’s it going?

I already finished modeling a drumset wtihout any refernces at all and I’m pretty glad with the results meaning not bad for a project that was made without references :wink: but anyway with the modeling now finished, I want to apply materials and then textures to the drumset itself so I went to the Blender Open Material Repository and found a material that I wanted but I couldn’t append to material to my project.

The material itself is in a blend format file so when I opened it it said for me to hit shift+ F1 to appen the material to my project, so after exploring the file that I wanted to append the material I selected “mesh” and selected the mesh that I wanted to append the material but I don’t see anything…

Is there something thatI’m doing wrong?
Please help me guys!:wink: thank you!

Open your drum file up.
In that file click file in the upper left hadn side of screen (default)
scroll down to append or link
navigate to the file location for the material you wish to append
click into materials (there will be things like object, mesh, whatever else…your looking for “materials”
click on the actual name of the material
click append
assign material like normal

Appending is the same for anything, as far as i know anyway, be it material, texture or model

If that makes no sense CLICK HERE

You dont want to append the mesh, you just want the material. So when you open the .blend, go to the materials group not the mesh group. only thing in the mesh group is the physical geometry of your model, no materials or other linkages.