Appending particles AND making wires AND moving topics

question 1:

how do you copy everything from a blend file to another?

its something to do with appending. normall when i try it, i go to append, click on the file, choose object, and 1 by 1 select everything. but i have just downloaded a particle explosion file of the web, and i try to go to object and select everything and append. but nothing appears. why? i have checked all the layers.

question 2:

how to make realistic wires? fligh links again would be really great.

question 3:

how to move your topic into another place in this forum? cos i want to move my topic from the WIP to the focused critique to get more comments on it (

nobody EVER answer my posts.

oh btw if you dont know the asnwer to that 6one could sombody tell me how to move your topic to another place?

yeah guys i really really need a reply for at least one of the questions. im sleeepiong now but ill be back tomoro morning. please reply.

  1. Shft-F1, find the file and LMB, LMB on “Object” then RMB all the objects you want to append. Click “Load Library”.


  1. Simply start a new topic in FC. You could PM a mod but I’m sure they won’t move it cause it’ll set a precedant and soon they’ll spend their day going thru a full PM box to move stuff around like demented chess chips, not what mods are for.