Appending question!

I know this question has probably been answered before. I have checked the knowledgebase and the answer to my question unfortunately is access challenged dur to the unfortunate demise of NaN and it’s blender website. So here goes! I know how to append a blend file into another one so that I can make multiple parts of a picture at time. But how do you set it up so you can see both files on the screen at the same time? Any and all help would greatly be appreciated!


You could append the scene and use it as a set. How to do that:

  • Append the scene from the other .blend into the final one
  • go to the Display buttons window (f10)
  • at the left of that screen, click the - button next to Set and select the scene you want to use

A Set scene adds up to the one you have but disable the objects in it. That is, you can see them, but not edit them.

I hope that’s what you meant.


Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it. I’ll try what you suggested and get back with you!

Thanks again,

My question is somewhat related. I have an object that I want to insert into a blend file from another blend file because I don’t want to remodel it. How do I do this. Thanks.

This is easier :slight_smile:

open the Blend file you want to ADD the object to.

Menu File->Append (or SHIFT+F1)

select the file you want to take the object FROM

the file will be opened in a directory tree fashion, you can pick from there whatever you want… of course you must know the NAME of the object to be imported… no tumbnails, sorry


I thought I tried that and couldn’t get that to work, but I’ll give it another try tonight and let you know. Thanks.

Note that Append doesn’t work in the Linux version of Creator 2.23. It works fine in both the Linux version of 2.22 and the Windows version of 2.23. I keep 2.22 & 2.23 both installed for this very reason.