appending question -

I’m trying to append a giagantic project (hundreds of objects, group instances, textures ect.) and trying to get this project on a clean blend file… long story, but I’m having lots of unreproducable lighting problems and it was suggested when all else fails try to append it to a new file… but here is my problem

  1. these hundreds of objects are scattered and placed on specific layers

  2. many objects that are the master objects for group instances are on their own seperate layer, and the rendered instances are on different layers.

I need to find a way of appending this entire file, BUT… when I append all the objects into the new file by selecting them from the objects file I need them to append to the same layers they were originally on. So for example on the original file if

-objects 1-50 were on layer 1
-objects 51-75 were on layer 2
-objects 76-100 were on layer 3

When I append all 100 objects at the same time, is there anyway of getting them to be appended to same layers in the new file that they were originally on ?

Did you disable ‘Active Layer’ in the append options

Richard, thanks so much that did the trick! The objects came in perfectly, on the exact layers they were on originally.I think doing this append may have solved (fingers crossed) this lighting problem I’ve been having.