Appending (Shift - F1) does not work


I have a bird and his feather wings are in another file (I made them separately).

I have tried to press Shift-F1 to append, then clicked on various combination of “Insert at current layer”, “Place on cursor”, etc, but to no avail. The imported file is nowhere to be seen.

Also, I opened up an Outliner tree structure and the imported object (Sphere003) is nowhere to be seen. The scene does not contain many things so I dont think Im missing it there.

Both files were made today on the same computer with Blender 2.49 .

I suppose Im missing something (again!), right ?

What were you trying to append. You should browse to the Object file in the blend file. Do not select the mesh, you need to select the object

Oh that did it !
I was selecting the mesh.
Selecting the object did it.

Thanks a bunch I ve been breaking my head for an hour