Appending textured objects. Bloody .001 instead of sharing

(Abracsis) #1

ok. i got my compex scene. I got my other complex scene. I append some bits of one into the other. When appended, the textures the appended file uses are renamed to .001. INSTEAD OF SHARING.

This means creating things in different files and putting them together is impossible without selecting every face of the appended object and telling it to use the original texture and wait for there to be no more users.

Is there a trick? Do packed/unpacked files react differently to this ?


(Ben) #2

if you have packed and than upacked the blend file the textures with a normal unpack are saved in another folder(where the blend file is).So if you you use the default directory for textures you use a copy of your texture and it’s renamed as .001.You have two copies of the same file in the disk.


(Abracsis) #3

that doesnt mean anything to me, or my problem? i dont think?

(saluk) #4

Yeah, this is very frustrating to me as well. You really either have to totally retexture everything, or just leave it with double the textures. I think that if you work with the files with all textures unpacked, it will share the texture instead, and then you can pack the final distribution, but I’m not sure if this is true or not.

(Carl) #5

with shift + f4 you can get into your image (texture) tree structure of your file…

there you can right click on the image that you don’t want (say bloodyjpg.001) and then left click on the one you do want (say bloody.jpg) and then press ‘r’ a popup will appear saying something like replace bla with bla… click it and you will see that bloody.jpg.001 has 0 users…

save the file
exit blender
renter blender
reopen the file and there should be no trace of bloody.jpg.001

this isn’t really your problem, but it is a solution more or less, I wouldn’t know either how to get file 1 to understand that appended objects from file 2 with the same texture also can use the same texture…


(Abracsis) #6

carl i love you!

(that was all the answer i needed)


(saluk) #7

Yes, very good thing to know!

Learning something all the time…