Appending with respect to position?

Is there a way to append an arrangement of lights (or anything really) from a .blend file without having to manually position them? I’m trying to test materials, so I’ve got a monkey head sitting at 0,0,0 and I’d like to see how it renders under a dozen or so different lighting situations.

I can figure out how to load non-linked light data and light objects, but the lights all load at the 3d cursor instead of loading in the positions where they were in the original .blend file. Either way, I need to go through a bunch of extra steps to put them where I want them for a 15 second render.

I don’t understand. If I create a scene, for example a scene with 4 different coloured spotlights pointing at 0,0,0 and arranged around it, and I then append those Spot objects to a new scene, they come in exactly where they should come in pointing exactly where they were in the original scene.

Are you doing something different to: File>Append and going into the Objects folder of the blend and selecting the lamp objects?

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Ah, you’re right. Looks like I asked the wrong question because I misunderstood the problem, so appreciate your pointing that out. The lights I’m trying to append are each parented to some other invisible object in the original file. The lights’ rotation/location themselves are all zeroed out, so when I load only the light objects they appear at the origin.

I can’t quite figure out what the point of setting them up this way was, or how to append this stuff together so it actually works, but a little googling showed that I can “clear parent and keep transformation.” It’ll be a bit of a pain to get all the original files in a state where I can use them, but at least it’ll be faster than starting from scratch every time.

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Are you bringing in the invisible object as well?