Here is my situation: I have modeled and animated a pig in one .blend file and need to put it into my world .blend file is there any way I can append it all at once. Like the armatures and mesh and keep them parented? and also import the Action/IPO. Thanks.

In the append menu, select “Objects” from the list of things you can append. Then right-click the pig object and right-click the armature. They should both be highlighted (with blue in the default Blender theme). Click “Load Library”. The parenting will be preserved, and the armature should bring its animations with it.

The way I do it, is I take the .blend with the model in it, and delete all the lights, and camera…
Then I open the file I want to append it into, Append, then select the .blend file, and select Scene… choose the scene with you model in it :slight_smile:

I like keeping all my models in separate scenes, so I can easily jump in and tweak the animations if needed…

To link your model into a scene, select it and the armature, press control L, select scene, and then your desired scene…

now you can tweak the model in any way and all scenes that it is linked to will be affected.

IF you want to just make a copy to a scene, just link it like I show above, and go to your scene, select your objects, and press control U to make it into a single user. now you can move it around, and edit it without changing the original.

The whole scene import is great for doing game levels too :slight_smile: I like keeping things in separate blend files so that it is easy to make a crystal space port. I get all my models working in separate files , then I just assemble all my content into a single blender file when I am ready to program the game logic.