Lets say I have 3 seperate blends. One is a character, fully rigged, uv mapped, and somewhat animated. Another blend just like except it is a different character, and I have a third blend, which is the scenery around the characters, once again fully textured and what not.

If I wanted to combine all three how would I go about doing so? I can use append to send over individual pieces, but only the object, or the armature, but that doesn’t include weight paint.

I can also append the entire scene, but then its in a different scene. Is it possible to combine scenes? Or can I just append an entire model, with uvmaps, armatures, and saved animations all together?

You should append through Object. You need to make sure you select the rig and the mesh and any other parts of your model that you need all at once before you click Load Library. Sending them over one at a time is where your problem is.

It would probably be better to Link than Append though. I’m just starting to do this myself, but it allows you to keep your character updated in one file and have those updates show up in any scene where the character appears. If you Append and make changes to your model, those changes won’t show up in your other scene files.

Again, I’m somewhat a newb at this. There’s probably someone else who could elaborate a bit more on this.

Ok, I got it… except for some weird reason my eyes don’t append. I tried doing them seperately and they still didn’t work…

When I try to link, I cannot edit my objects rotation, scale etc. If I make it local will it automatically update any changes to the seperate files or do I have to manually update them?