Appenently, blender is regarded as a steep learning curve

stumbled across this video mentioning blender with a steep learning curve, i personally found blender easy to use… what do you think?

It depends how you look at it. When I started learning blender, it was also the first time I did 3d usrface modeling. So it was very hard for me and I gave up a couple of times, mostly because my motivation dropped as I just wanted to learn 3d and didn’t really know what to model. One day I decided I really wanted to learn it and not give up, so I bought the vehicle modeling series, which came out around that time and followed the whole thing step by step until I felt that I knew what I needed to know. The hardest part about modeling is the actual modeling. How to solve topology problem, hoe to make sure there isn’t any weird pinching in the shading, etc. Learning blender’s interface is easy compared to that.

For someone who already has 3d modeling experience, I guess it will be different. But for most people, this will probably not be the case, so when they saythat blender’s learning curve is steep, they probably mean that 3d is hard…

In the context of this video, which is just making a model for 3D printing, Sketch-Up would certainly be easier for most people. Even if you’d never used Sketch-Up you would probably be able to model that Lego piece in an hour. To do the same in Blender, you’d need patience and probably a lot of tutorials before being comfortable enough with Blender in order to model the same thing.

Blender is not an application people can pick up and use quickly – with or without prior 3D experience. It takes a significant time investment to learn it, thus it indeed does have a steep learning curve.

just because of one random video on youtube doesn’t change it all…
i mean c’mon guys haven’t we discussed this already?

Not with the new interface it’s not. I found the old UI very off putting having previously used imagine 3d and 3ds max. The new UI however is a breeze and I fell right into it.

3D modeling in and of itself has a steep learning curve. Blender does much more than 3D model, and I’d say that saying Blender has a steep learning curve is an understatement. I imagine if you come to Blender already knowing 3D modeling, the learning curve is probably far less, but I essentially learned 3D modeling through Blender. I had played around a bit with Anim8or before Blender, but Anim8or is (IMO) just a step up from a toy. Also, I started learning Blender on 2.49b long before the UI rewrite that first showed up in 2.5. Once the newer interface was introduced, I actually began to understand Blender much better. Honestly though, it should be stated that 3D modeling has a steep learning curve, hence, all 3D modeling software is going to have a steep learning curve.

If Blender is the second or third 3D program you learn, it is not difficult.

It’s far better than it was, but I do believe there is still a steep learning curve involved. Some of it is simply finding out what Blender can do, some of it is finding where that functionality is hidden, but the steepest part (in my opinion) is having to unlearn how everything else does certain operations because Blender has it’s own user interface “standards”.

The best thing to consider here is that we on the forums are probably the worst people to judge this. We’ve already learnt it and, true to human nature, we forget things that we now take for granted. If the people who don’t live & breathe Blender enough to join the forum community think it’s a steep learning curve - chances are the learning curve is steep. They are, after all, the one’s taking their first steps onto said curve :wink:

It does have a steep learning curve, anyone that says otherwise has no idea what they’re talking about.
It’s next to impossible to get going with blender without spending a bunch of time combing through this forum.

On the other hand, I used Silo after reading the very very brief help file. Same thing with Wings 3D, Sculptris, Sketch-Up. Even Maya and Max have far better learning curves, you know where to look for things.

Even so, here I am using Blender, obviously it’s got a bunch of things right.

Blender I think is easy to pick up, the hard part for me was learning what is good and bad mesh and learning the 3D terms. I have never sculpted or made any thing in CAD. Blender is Free Lots of help available tutorials, free or bought its all good. And it has such dynamic range of use. Sorry didn’t mean to get any babble on you … :slight_smile:

The old interface was impossible. The newer one is much easier, but still not the easiest thing. Programs like Sculptris, Art of Illusion, Wings 3D . . . well, pretty much EVERY other 3D art program I’ve tried is more intuitive than Blender =P Blender can do a lot more, but first you need to figure out 1. what, exactly, you can do, 2. how the hell you do those things, 3. where all the things are located, and 4. which hotkeys you need to memorize =P Nothing is in one easy place. You have to browse endless tutorials and commit everything to memory. If I come back to Blender after a while without using it, I have to learn everything all over. “Why isn’t this texture showing up on this model? What do I click to move this bone? How do I make custom bone sliders? How do I animate? WHERE IS EVERYTHING”

Even once you’ve figured everything out, the sporadic interface is awful just for HOW LONG it takes to do things. If you want to start modeling off the bat, God help you if you haven’t made Blender open on a mirrored, subsurfaced object on start-up. It’s to the point I’m not ready to get serious with Blender again until I’ve had some time to dedicate to making some custom UI windows and scripts.

Also, I hear a lot of people arguing for the lack of toolbars with how speedy hotkeys are, and I agree, but . . . it would be a lot easier to use those hotkeys if I had a toolbar that listed the hotkeys on hover to begin with. XD

ZBrush! Lot of very good tutorials, lot of them.
However, I learned zbrush only when I started asking the community, making friends, experimenting.
Same in blender.
I don’t see any other way.
Yes, great UI, nice tutorials, well organized. Once again, become a member of their community, learn about the addons…
Then, sketchup becomes steep to learn, you probably need something like blender to add more functionality, then you get used to blender and forget all about SketchUp, LOL
A bit, of my story.
I stopped asking many questions, I started listening, I learned more about blender.
The support topic in BA is great, even for advanced users. You never know.

Does the word “appenently” exists ?
I’ve googled it and it comes up in a few other places on the net, but that’s a first for me !

Does it? I mean, I keep hearing this over and over, but have yet to experience it. This reads like all other 3d apps do everything in the identical manner, but not Blender. Doesn’t make the slightest sense to me. Each app has its quirks.I also use Cinema 4D and I have to say, I don’t see that big of a difference in operation. Might be just me.

As a new user of 3D software, Blender was hard, but no less hard than learning software ought to have been … well, for 2.49b! Which was awful to learn, in my opinion.

As a 2.5+ user, I can guess how to use things without having to search Google to work out how what an icon means!

I must be the only person on the planet that genuinely likes Blender’s UI. It was a breath of fresh air coming from max. I was happily modelling within hours of watching a couple tutorials, and that was before 2.5. My problems with Blender, such as they were, have always been about lack of particular capabilities (a great many of which have now been implemented), never the UI.

I’m with you here, I absolutely love Blender’s UI. Super-customizable, blazingly fast… Love it :slight_smile:

@Piotr Adamowicz I like it too, it has it faults but what UI doesn’t

I have used most of those programs and the all have one thing in common, the all have far fewer features than Blender. It’s easy to have a good clean interface when you program doesn’t do much. Sculptris would be like blender with sculpt mode and texture paint mode and not much else

I remember posting some of my Blender work on Facebook and I had a friend explain that Blender was just too complicated to get the hang of. I felt his pain. When I first installed Blender 2.49 I thought I could fiddle around with it and understand how it works given my past experience with other 3d programs. Boy was I wrong, I fought the camera manipulation and general editing tooth and nail and could create anything of consequence. About six months later I decided to give it another chance, did a little research, and I found out that you select with the right mouse button and get into edit mode with the tab button. head smack Sometimes I laugh to myself that “SELECT WITH RIGHT BUTTON AND GO TO EDIT WITH TAB BUTTON” should be part of the splash screen. Since 2.5 though I really like Blender. I don’t really have a problem with how Blender does things, but clear documentation would have helped me out when I first started. That said, things have really improved both in terms of tools and documentation and I am excited for what Blender will be in the future.

I’m with ya on the documentation rhettro. The documentation for Blender is pretty poor. Most documentation goes at least as far as to give example usage, there’s very little of that in the Blender docs. However, there’s far more resources out there, this very forum for one, and tons and tons of youtube videos, Great tutes like Andrew Price’s stuff, which is IMHO the best stuff out there. He’s a really good teacher and touches on all points, plus Blender Nation, Vimeo tutorials and endless web tutorials on blogs and such. As far as learning Blender goes, there’s alot of great learning info, just not on