Apple bomb

Hi again
This time i put here a remake of my old picture that I made somwhere in 2000. In the original version I made the apple in photoshop (painted it from scratch). this time everything is made in Blender2.40

and big one:

enjoy and tell me what you think.

oh, and here’s original from 2000.

Very nice picture, the concept is very interesting. a little crit though: the drop of blood (is it so?), on the apple needs some fixing, because it’s a bit weired.

Everything else is very good.

Way too big apple. Look at the window. Or is it supposed to be a biiiiig apple?

Exellent picture! I realy like the mix of color and b/w. It’s hard to get a good style with that sort of image. You maybe could pull up the contrast some, but not much.
The Rendered picture is imho better than the original but I think that you maybe got some love for the original left in there? :wink:

I like everything but the apple.
Sorry for that, but the texture is way off.
Check here for a good tut.
Oldie but a goodie.

like the bomb, but is that blood? :wink:

thanx for reference and tut, but as you can see my apple is not usual. its a apple bomb - not an apple ant not a bomb.
please notice, my idea was kind of surreal and not to make ideal, real apple. in real life aple bomp doesn’t exist so it’s hard to say how it really looks :wink:

nope, it’s not blood - it’s ment to be kind of liquid metal (like Pb or Hg)

im curious to how you got that perfect halo light effect - mind posting a screeny of your light settings for that light?

the background (window and halo) was rendered twice. first pass was with halo enabled and second one without halo but with raytraced shadows. the first one gives nice halos as expected :slight_smile:
the second one give nice window shape on the floor. I combined them in photoshop with some alpha blending
thats the trick.
apple and fire was rendere separately (in another pass) and added also in postprocess in photoshop.

i love it, could u please post how you got the sun rays to show through the window like that i want to and something similar to a scene im working on

Thanks Roach 8)

What’s a bomb if it isn’t big!?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the mood of the scene. Only the liquid metal doesn’t look anything like liquid metal at all. I suggest removing the fire reflections from the liquid metal.

I like that most of the picture has the same clean cut style.
It has a balance to it too.

The flame looks more blurry compared to the style of the rest of the image.

Good work.