Apple Character...

Just thought I’ll post my latest ofside little short that I’m going to work on…so far I’ve only created the main chararcter…Papple (a breed between an apple and a pear)

Here is a link in which I’ve rendered a 4 second animation where the camera does a 360 around the charachter…

And another of where I just tried to do a short lip sync with him last night, by using the first audio file I could lay my hands on, which in this case is Clint Eastwoods famous…“Make my day” clip.

Please bear in mind that a lot still needs to be done, especially in the mouth(gums, toung, etc)

Any c&c’s welcome…


i like it, its just that the texture…there is a seam down the middle, its a little faint, but i can’t stop looking at it.

Looks good, the lip-synch video was well done although the video was slightly ahead of the audio (it probably just happened when you combined audio and video in whatever program you use, it shouldn’t be too hard to fix).
The texturing’s very good as well, and I didn’t notice the seam in the videos - only when I looked at the attached image full-sized (so you should be able to cover it up by avoiding close-ups;)).
BTW I like the way the leaf moves as he talks:D
Keep it up:)