Apple laptop

Hello, I’m new here and to Blender in general.
I’ve been watching a lot of Blender tutorials lately but hadn’t actually done anything with it. So I decided to try to model something and went online for ideas and found a top view of an apple laptop (not sure what model, PC user here…). Here’s where I’m at:
Any critique/comments?
Right now, the topology is a mess, loop cuts all around.

Thanks, Arnar.

Not Bad…

I’m not really an expert on modelling things, I’m more into animation (check out my current project at But this is looking OK.

One thing I would Recommend…

Adding a Screen! LOL.

Seriously though… that’s good.

Thank you.

I’ve been working on this all day and here’s my progress:

I think it’s just about finished. It’s much, much, MUCH better than I expected it to be when I started :smiley:
Everything but the top view of the computer it self was done by eye.


Good work!
The finger trackpad shouldn’t have that large button should it? MacBooks only have the glass trackpad since a few years now.
The body need that classic aluminum look to look right, not that glossy.
Since it’s a MacBook maybe it would look more complete with an OS X desktop.
Other than that i think it looks very good :slight_smile:

Looks great though I thought those were aluminum? I could be wrong…
Good to see it running a “real” OS :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys!
I wasn’t really modeling any particular laptop, just a laptop with Apple characteristics (?) to practice.

I was going to put OS X desktop on the screen but then I thought “why not put a better and prettier OS on there?” (IMO of course :slight_smile: )

I also think the white plastic looks better than the aluminum.

Decided to try it in aluminium anyway:

Now onto removing the mouse button again, sigh…

not too shabby. I plan on doing a laptop for my still life project, I will use yours as a standard of comparison…

Not bad. Although just a little less roughness (or higher value for gloss shader, depending on what you’re doing).

Thanks guys…
I added a few more details and knocked down the roughness a little bit.

Nice job :slight_smile: I think the keyboard needs more work on the material, though. Could you post a back view? And maybe a wire render?

Thanks. What do you think is wrong with the keyboard material? I kinda like it as is.

Here’s a wire render. Is this a bad topology?


One thing for sure though, that’s a lot of edges! You could possibly try removing some of the edges on the larger, more broad areas to clean up the mesh a little bit. Don’t know how it’s going to turn out, but everything is worth a try.

No, don’t listen to him. Having allot of edges is not bad in itself.
When you’re dealing with allot of edges just make sure they are not to close to each other. When you add a subsurf modifier to it, the mesh has to have room for the stuff it adds.

The lines on the broad sections of the laptop can be explained by it beeing an result of more complex modelling further in the model. Removing edges might make the edgeflow worse.

Ultimately the only thing that matters is the final render. As it stands, you laptop looks pretty good. But, whenever there is a change in topology, I try to add a faceloop.

For instance, you can add a faceloop around the touchpad. You can also modify the top of the keys so that the top of the key has a faceloop on it’s edges.

By adding faceloops, you can more accurately control how the edges are sharpened.

Hello, I Love this model, it really looks good, I am making a Blender Open-Movie at the moment, you can check out it’s progress at

Is there any chance I could have the .blend file for this model, there are scenes in the film that have laptops in them, would you let me use it in my film? I can credit you if you like!

Yeah, there’s definitely a lot of things I would’ve done differently if I would do it again that would result in less edge loops. I might actually remodel the base, I’m satisfied with the screen and keyboard. But I like the final results.

hfpyramidfilms, Yeah sure, that would be cool :slight_smile: Let me just zip with the textures and such (also try to make a better topology).

Thanks a lot.

Any difference? :stuck_out_tongue: haven’t modeled the connectors on the side though, yet.


Yup, looks much cleaner. Although I’m pretty sure that when you model the sockets, the base mesh will be more crowded :wink:

The whole model looks really nice. Good job! :yes:

Yep, PM me your email.