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Hi :slight_smile:

This is a simple render a did a while ago with Luxrender…
800 x 600:

1280 x 800:

I changed the colour/lighting a little bit in Preview and GIMP

I was going to render it again for longer and at a bigger size, but I must have changed a lot of stuff in the blend, cause it doesn’t look the same anymore :frowning:

Nice. :yes:
Luxrender is too complicated for me lol.:no:

How long did it take to render? Seems still little bit grainy.
Concerning the picture the composition is really nice, quite strong in its simplicity.

Nice. How much sample/pixel on it image?

I think I let it render for around 4 to 6 hours, if I get time I’m going to try and recreate the scene (shouldn’t be to hard to do, just getting the lighting right is tricky) and let it render for longer :slight_smile:

I’m not to sure :confused: how/where would I find that? (where would I find it on the LuxBlend scripts UI?)

Thanks :smiley:

Pretty nice. The material doesn’t look like it has much reflection going on, which is odd. Maybe this should be in the tests section… but then again, it has a nice finished look to it; it’s just simple. I’d play around with the materials though.