Apple M1 Max and Blender 3.2 - A terrible mistake?

Hello to all you beautiful Blender Artists!

the dearest apologies if you find this topic redunant as it was previously discussed - I couldn’t find topics helping with my issues -
I’m a Blender Newbie trying to switch from Autodesk Maya 2017/Arnold to Blender/Cycles as a now freelance digital artist using Adobe CC and all sorts of musical software constantly along the way - after 6 years with Maya on my mid 2012 MBP I finally managed to upgrade to a new machine (MBP 2021, m1 max, lots of gb ram, osx monterey) expecting the finest rendering results in a matter of seconds - You probably won’t be surprised about how disappointed I was lol — the render settings are set on what is available: metal.

My first animation renders in cycles turned out kind of okay - but took a long, long time even with little to no challanging content (I think). I also experienced difficulties in the viewport with “moderate” poly count models (200-400k) and unexpected crashes when trying out low scale simulations and animations following tutorials. Stuff that def. wouldn’t happen on my 2012 MBP with maya -
Issues with the viewport and unexpected crashes are pretty existential though. That’s not what I expect an Upgrade to be like. My projects aren’t packed but still far from being simple.

Is it (hopefully) my inexperience, the Blender Version, bugs or have I simply made a terrible mistake?

Is Apple M1 Max a good fit for blender after all? Are there maybe other versions with a higher compatibility/performance than 3.2 with my system? Is there a guide for blender and cycles settings for Mac that I am probably not aware of or topics that discussed and solved these “problems”?

Peace oot!


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  1. thanks for using a appropriate title because some people just rant before the actual post starts :wink:
  2. yes this is the right place… maybe a little serach would give:
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  1. I’m not using Apple ( :frowning_face: ) but be assured:
  2. Here are plenty of M1 users :slightly_smiling_face:

So just wait and see…

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My last great experience with Blender on Mac OS was on the same GTX 650 NVidia GPU (that GPU is the catch). Since then I have tried other Mac newer models but always failed to deliver anything that can be better than a Chrome OS.

Also since Blender 2.76, things started to go downhill for Macs (Eevee is not made for macOS or apple hardware - true in 2022) and since then I made a cheap PC (RTX 2070 was my way to go)
I drive an M1 Pro 14-inch and yeah it is not great (just meh for low poly stuff) for Blender but a beast for laptop work (photo edits on the couch, website, emails, spreadsheets, web etc).

Did you make a mistake?
Did you buy the Max for Blender or any other 3D software? Then yeah, big mistake.
Or, did you buy the Max for your work ( I hope those apps run for you) and from time to time some hobby, low-level, Blender playtime? Nop, no mistake in your purchase, just enjoy your time and be happy for the good life you have!