Apple Mac goes ARM with BIG SUR

I think the problem is that right now there aren’t many players that can customize ARM the way Apple can. They don’t have the resources, the expertise or the license required. They would have to rely on the likes of Qualcomm. I know there have been some headway in the server space but how does that translate to the PC/Consumer space?

Yeah it took Apple around 10 years to arrive where they are right now and a massive R&D budget.

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Currently only MS is offering something Arm-related like Apple

Could do for an interesting match, thou I think Apple is going to win. At least, because they’re investing a lot of money in it…

MS seems not have learned from the first windows RT fiasco. What I find most shocking is the bad battery. ARM tech is in theory a very battery friendly platform in its current form.

I do own two surface products and the concept is in general pretty good when you use it for modeling and 2D sketching.

I was surprised to see that Apple did not mention windows running on their ARM hardware even through it is 64 bit for ARM and should run at least in a VM.

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The patches are here:


Cool. I’ll be curious to see what this entails.

Me not be a programer and just glancing at the commit notes, it looks like a port to ARM and nothing more. Or are there future implications for Metal?

That’s right.

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but what does this mean? there were working ARM builds of blender before that. did they require some manual changes before building and now there is an official patch which makes this work out of the box?

i guess if the apple transition turns out to be a success maybe players like qualcomm will give it a try too with mainboards + cpus for pcs?

They had to compile the libraries for ARM. Besides that, there are plenty of adjustments in Cycles to make sure it uses CPU accelerations.

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There were builds for ARM Linux. This is a patch for ARM macOS.

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Hi, working on Blender for ARM starts:

Even I am not an Apple fan it would be nice if Blender for ARM is ready before Mac ARM systems are shipped.

Cheers, mib

I am not an Apple fan but prefer macOS hahaha.

So this is actually some good news.

I am still curious about the future of Blender openGL UI and if the UI would actually be ported to Metal too.

And then there is the big GPU question …

Hi, there he (Stefan Werner) go again:

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I am not sure about those Youtube people

He makes a claim that metal API and optimisation helped speed up significantly

I agree with almost everything he said in that video except about the Mac Pro.

I expect the Mac Pro will move over to Apple Silicon too and with integrated Apple GPUs but they’ll use multiple SOCs in the Mac Pro to get the high core counts for the CPU and multiple GPUs. Apple’s desktop SOCs are said to be very different to their mobile SOCs so expect the new Apple Silicon Macs to be a step forward from where current Intel Macs are even those with dGPUs.

If the Mac Pro had two or four SOCs it’ll have two or four GPUs which is far more likely than Apple creating a single powerful PCIe based GPU for the ridiculously small Mac Pro market. It would be incredibly expensive to produce on such a small production run even if their Arm silicon is cheap to make.

Also GPUs on PCIe buses is everything they’re trying to avoid with their new strategy.

I don’t think Apple will update the Mac Pro one final time with Intel or AMD hardware, if there is another Mac Pro it’ll be Apple Silicon based and will be very different to the cheesegrater of 2019. There’s a chance the Mac Pro may be retired and the iMac Pro is the highest end Mac Apple will sell, only time will tell.

Good points actually

I think many assume the new macs will be iPad chips in a Mac which will not be the case

Only the instruction set will be the same.

The 2019 Macpro is still very good also when some say you can get it for cheaper as a self made pc. Commercial alternatives are equally priced.

Those machines will work for quite some time before they get replaced.

The 2019 Macpro has a very smart cooling system which with Apple silicon you don’t need so if there will be a Macpro it will be quite different.

they can’t cheat the laws of physics. that arm cpus will consume much less power when performance is comparable to desktop x86 chips (at the same node size) will have to be seen. i would be very surprised if there was much difference. a little maybe. :slight_smile:

Actually I disagree

RISC vs CISC has major advantages

Look at the amd thread ripper
It is not directly a radical new design but just a very smart x68 stacking technique

It is kinda funny / interesting that Apple goes back to RISC now

There are major architecture differences between apples SOC and intel/amd

Intel cpu gpu communication vs apples cpu gpu communication is another good example to show the difference

I agree with the term Apple does not go arm because they design their own chips unlike android who uses premade cpus

modern x86 cpus mostly use a risc-like instruction set too internally. only on the outside it still appears to be cisc.

it will be very interesting to compare performance per watt on the same node size. apple could be the first to get 5nm chips though.