Apple Mac goes ARM with BIG SUR

We’ll have to wait for the end result first. Neither Big Sur nor ARM powered Macs are shipping to the public, so it’s hard to say.

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It should be noted that the processor in that development box is old already, and that ARM recently released an update to its architecture and instruction set to cater to desktop and server grade applications in a more purposeful manner. It’s not known how Apple has approached the design of its first generation of processors for Macs (my guess is we might see a “simple” derivative of their current lines first and some absolute beast later on).

Blender for Mac Os (oops, Silicon) gets farther and farther…

I just bought a new Macbook pro - upgraded from a 2018 i9 for the better thermals, bigger screen, better keyboard and the 5600m GPU which I’m hoping is a decent upgrade in performance with eevee, but we shall see.

Kind of wondering if I should have held off, but currently 0% finance for two years, hopefully by that point time will tell how the move has gone.

not really - the device will work well for the next few years.
my macpros are from 2010/2012.

it is a dev box - not a soon to be mass produced mac !

it is a dev box - not a soon to be mass produced mac !

Sorry, what I meant to say is that those recent benchmarks doing the rounds aren’t representative of the final product, which ought to perform better.

Yeah I had a 2012 before this last one (Bit of a frankenstein - I managed to make a matte screen from 2010 fit on it), and I sold it on in full working order

This new one with the Radeon pro 5600M renders one of my scenes in eevee at 35 secs, on my desktop with GTX 1070 I get 19 secs.

On my old 2018 with Radeon pro 560x it takes 1min 33.

EDIT: Oh hang on, does eevee even use the GPU on macs?

Ah yes why not?

openCL is gone on macOS and CUDA.

i never was an apple user and probably won’t ever be one but i find the transition to ARM kind of exciting. the x86 monoculture was really getting boring.

now if only something similar happened with an open RISC-V design… :slight_smile:

Yeah while AMD recently is on a good track.
It took them quite some tries and years.
A lot of their previous designs were failures.

Now the threadripper is killer. But sometimes I am curious if that is the best design too?
Sooner or later this also might run into the same technical / material issues Intel has too.

I think the problem is that right now there aren’t many players that can customize ARM the way Apple can. They don’t have the resources, the expertise or the license required. They would have to rely on the likes of Qualcomm. I know there have been some headway in the server space but how does that translate to the PC/Consumer space?

Yeah it took Apple around 10 years to arrive where they are right now and a massive R&D budget.

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Currently only MS is offering something Arm-related like Apple

Could do for an interesting match, thou I think Apple is going to win. At least, because they’re investing a lot of money in it…

MS seems not have learned from the first windows RT fiasco. What I find most shocking is the bad battery. ARM tech is in theory a very battery friendly platform in its current form.

I do own two surface products and the concept is in general pretty good when you use it for modeling and 2D sketching.

I was surprised to see that Apple did not mention windows running on their ARM hardware even through it is 64 bit for ARM and should run at least in a VM.

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The patches are here:


Cool. I’ll be curious to see what this entails.

Me not be a programer and just glancing at the commit notes, it looks like a port to ARM and nothing more. Or are there future implications for Metal?

That’s right.

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but what does this mean? there were working ARM builds of blender before that. did they require some manual changes before building and now there is an official patch which makes this work out of the box?

i guess if the apple transition turns out to be a success maybe players like qualcomm will give it a try too with mainboards + cpus for pcs?