Apple mac table scene.

Simple scene with cycles…

For mac lovers.

Nice tribute!

To be picky, the Apple logo has sharper corners on the bite. Might want to trace it.

The screen image on the iPhone (4?/4S? - can’t tell from this angle) is funny. Implies its owner was very excited about Lion.
Places this scene at sometime between July 2011 (OS X Lion release) and Sept 2012 (iPhone 5 release) - if we are to assume this die-hard fan would have got the 5 as soon as it came out. :wink:

DOF seems to be made by a blur vignette as opposed to actual DOF.
Wood curving up raises questions.
Lens flare added in Photoshop?
Oddly precise woodcutting technique.

Well, those are just my thoughts and impressions. :-p
I like the spirit of it. Thanks for sharing!