Apple Material Library

After asking some questions, and getting some help, I was finally able to produce an Apple material that turned out pretty well. It uses no images, only procedural effects. I made a short animation to showcase it:

I’ll be uploading to the repos soon, I have some issues that need to be addressed before I do (mostly about the UV coordinates), but I figured I’d share it with all of you in the mean time.

All 4 apple cultivar materials are in the file, each one is a different material.

Feel free to use or modify the apple model and materials as you please. If you do make a different cultivar (a different type of apple) I would love to see your results.


apple-lib.blend (230 KB)

ok i look at the file and i see only one apple
checked out the other layer and saw nothing

in the video you show several type fo apple

that’s what i was refereing too

different textures for different apples do you have a file with all the different textures or apple kind that you did so if anybody wants to do it in futur we have a good reference to give

nice work

happy blendering

All textures are in the file so you can still see how they’re built up. And they look pretty good too.

That’s great, awesome.

Each apple coloring is a different Material.

I made them so that if you want to include multiple apples of the same type in a single scene, you can quickly and easily create some interesting tweaks. I wouldn’t have been able to do that with a raster texture.

As you can also see from the file, the 4 different cultivars (apple types) all have the same texture layers. You can create the cultivar of your choice through a little work with some of the texture layers. I made 3 from the original in a few hours.

Yeah, you can put an object on multiple layers by selecting it, pressing M, then holding shift and selecting all the layers you want it on. I had the apple on multiple layers for my lighting setup.

ok then how can you see or detect that it is active on more than one layer?
i mean its does notnlook like it is in the outliner
nor on the layer on bottom header!

and how do you get the other texture like the green one or other
what are the settings for theses

they are not the sdame than the first red apple
so would be intersting to ahve theses settings too

Happy blendering

They are just different materials, I included all 4 apple materials in the file. Just select a different material.

Not sure myself, but I’m pretty consistent in the way I put things on layers (the first is always for lighting), so I never tried it out.

ok i open the apple lib file and i can see only one material
there are several textures form this material

but don’t see the multiple material

do i have the right file ?

now i can see in this file a UV mapping

what was the UV map that you use ?

i tough this was done entirely with procedural textuers alone !

may be i don’t have the righ file or there is more than one file here ?


I just downloaded the file I attached to make sure, and all 4 materials are there as you can see.

It must be an issue at your end.

got it - you created 4 stand alone material
but the apple has only one material
so you need to select the material from the data base of material
it’s not part of the mesh’s own material list

now to do theses model you use a UV mapping
meaning that you need a uv file to complete the texturing

are theses available or may be pack with it so we can unpack theses files ?
or is UV from nodes edtitor

i did not see any nodes textures is it composite nodes ?

because i tough at the beginning that you wanted to do theses as simple procedurales textures with no UV mapping !

there was a version with nodes texturing
which seems fine at first but you change your mind i guess

sorry today is a bad day
with my PC i received something like 500 MB of update for vista
i change from explorer 7 to explorer 8
and got some problem with add -on which interfere with explorer 8

darn what a day this is

happy blendering

UV file?
Nothing extra is needed. Take a look at the apple in edit mode, the UV map is a square. And that apple is just a UVsphere. Feel free to just use that apple to make more detailed apples.

They are simple procedural effects.

The benefit of procedural effects is I can quickly change the look without to use another program and deal with importing and exporting things, and there aren’t any images to lose. I working on an Apple tree, so I need lots of apples of the same type with different looks. Creating these materials allows me to quickly create variety.

There are no raster textures, this just uses the UV coordinates since blender doesn’t support a radial coordinate system.

Cool textures, and as far as procedurals go,quite realistic! Thanks for sharing!

can you explain how you did theses UV thing

i checked the uv edtior and did not see anything - check the image and nothing too

do we have to unwrap the files before we can see theses ?

i can see the UV in F9 and in map input panel
but not certain what it does!

i woul like to understand this process because i’v never seen this type of preocedural texture before
so it’s very interesting to learn this new way of doing textures in blender

Thanks and happy blendering

Select the apple, switch to edit mode. You’ll see it.

Render the file I attached. It works. You don’t have to do anything to use any of those materials with the apple I included.

If you need a different apple shape, you can just modify the apple in the file. It’s a simple UVsphere. I don’t why you’d need a different polygon setup, and if you did, the UV map job is extremely simple (just cover the whole square). Take a look at the UV mapping job I did.

It’s the only way to achieve this result at this point.

As you saw in my thread about radial procedural effects, if attempt to make an effect more tightly packed it does it in a circular manner:

But I needed the texture to go up and down the apple, centering at points. So I made the UV map into a square, and the textures are essentially pasted into a 2D space, and wrapped about the apple in a simple manner.

yup ok went back iintor uv editor and got it !

sorry i did not see that one -don’t understand what happen when i open it first time!

but what would the UV do - i mean normally you use UV to put an image onto the apple but here you don’t have a pic

so there must be another reason for this UV?

your right there is radial procedural - i;v ask for that before
but the good thing is that someone did it with nodes which is great

did you try to test it with the nodes - it look very good

with 2.49 there are new nodes don’t know have to wait till RC2 to trest thses
new features - mayu be there is a radial texture there

Happy blendering

Normally, but in this case it’s just using a procedural effect as an image. So it’s not longer truly 3D, but it’s still infinitely scalable, easily tweakable, and independent of an external source.

Look awesome, thanks for sharing