Apple maybe the first to release a 5nm stand alone GPU. Early 2021

As the whispers turn into rumors and rumors into code names…

Codenamed “Mt. Jade,” Apple’s first custom-made desktop processor will be twinned with its first self-developed GPU, codenamed “Lifuka,” both of which are being produced using TSMC’s 5-nanometer process, claims the report.

Now whether it’s going to be any good…? Saying that though, when Apple starts to get serious about a certain tech they tend to go all in.

Unfortunately the multi-processor paradigm never took off in personal computers.

Best case scenario would be a dual-CPU xeon computer that would be used only in datacenters.

But at this moment in time it looks like is a very good opportunity to see if this approach would bring a gradual paradigm shift in modular multi processor rigs.

I once had setup an ultimate PC rig with the top CPU and GPU at the time and I had problems with the heat. While on IDLE the heat would rise up to 40-50 celcius and with proper usage, easily would rise up to 70++. I won’t make the same mistake again, I would rather look into getting more external co-processors instead.

I may be misunderstanding your example, but theses rumors are for a dedicated GPU similar to Nividia and AMD, and not their CPU/GPU hybrid mix.

I find dedicated GPU an overkill in many aspects, completely limited to gaming or graphics applications, only gamers or professional artists can be interested. However a coprocessor would be multiparadigm and useful in many other ways.

The point is that there is some marketing planning we don’t get. Apple wants to fill a gap with this solution.

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