Rendered in cycles. C&C welcome.

I was doing the same tutorial, very nice. The only problem is that I couldn’t figure out UV lol. I should try again because I’ve learned so much since then. I think that the bowl could be a silver material and the apples should be rotated because it looks to obvious that they are perfectly up and down and have been copy pasted. Also the knife blade should be shiny. That’s just my critique anyway. Update me with a pic if you change some stuff. I like the cloth though, only problem is that its morphing into the bowl right in the middle so just go into top view and move it forward slightly and it should look good. The knife looks sharp :+1:

Thanks for ur critique. I realised that the cloth was merging with bowl after it finished rendering​:sob::sob::sob:

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Do you have a gpu? Because if you don’t and render times are that bad I could render for you but I’ve never really heard of anyone doing that. My computer isn’t the best but it has a gtx 1050 Ti.

Oh and one other thing, the wood texture looks to uniform, I’m not sure how you could do this but flipping the boards sometimes might make it look better.

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Much Better! I love the bowl btw. Also the angle you put the camera helps make the wood look better. Very nice.

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