I did this just to keep practising. How could I make this more realistic? I could use a good tutorial on how to work with glass materials.


Very nice one.
Points of critic:

  • The apple is too smooth, you shoud make it less shiny

  • The iron rims of the barrel are too shiny too, you should add rust (can be done with procedural textures)

  • For the bottle you should enable ray-transp. This is located in the materials tab.

But still a great image :slight_smile:

To my senses the color of the bottle “merges” to much with the grass color. It seems that it would look better if the bottle would have another color tint to stand out more. Maybe greenish or bluish - not sure how it would look, needs live testing :slight_smile:

Otherwise looks very good!

try and add some imperfections to the apple’s reflection with a normal map.