Apples and muffins

Hey guys,
I realized this morning that I had never made any food in 3D!
So I had a go, and this is what I came up with.

Created using the game engine and cycles.
textures from cgtextures + I baked the muffins and made textures from them :slight_smile:

My personal thoughts is that I used too much ambient occlusion on those muffins and it needs more crumbs, but as this is my first attempt at food I’d like to know your thoughts :smiley:

I like harsh criticism, as I feel it’s the fastest way to improvement.

It looks good, especially for a first attempt at creating food :smiley: I think the muffins need some more displacement. Perhaps you could create a displacement map using the muffin texture and apply it through a displacement modifier? I’m just saying this because I can see these large cracks on the muffins’ surfaces, but the muffins themselves remain flat.

Agree, the muffins have no depth, they look like they are simply muffin-shaped meshes with textures.

Also, the stems on the apples (and the apples themselves?) are just duplicated. Real apples are all unique, it is worth the time to have each be different from the others.

Somehow you need to work on the surface of the muffin, it should also have a little SSS or SSS-like effect to look real. The DOF is a little too heavy but the lighting and scene look fine to me. The bowl also looks fine, but if you add some subtle dirt/scratches (VERY subtle) it will help.

Good ideas thanks, will keep the in mind for the next food project,
And your right about the stems being the same, the apples are unique but with the same texture.
Not quite sure how to do SSS in cycles… Perhaps mixing in a translucent shader?

the shadows under the apples casting onto the table dont look right for some reason?
the apples kinda look like they are levitating above the table or something…
i cant put my finger on it, but i think it had something to do with the shadow.
(maybe not dark enough under the apples, or maybe it need a harder shadow?)

@holyenigma74 I agree, that’s why I increased the AO, but it’s to do with the reflective metal and reflective table that the shadows are so soft, Also no apple fell to the bottom of the bowl, they all got stuck :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll perhaps bump up the shadows next time, I hear cycles is getting render layers soon which will make doing things like that a whole lot easier :slight_smile:

I think cycles doesn’t support SSS yet, unfortunately I am not an expert with cycles yet and therefore, I don’t have ideas there…

If you download a patched version of Blender you can use Volume BSDF, and that can be used for SSS.

@Apptux Thanks :slight_smile: I didn’t know about that

Well, now you have SSS AND render layers, so now you could get those thing going! :wink:
Also, the muffins, they need some displacement.
The background looks neat, but maybe a little too simple, it looks like the table only has the apples and the muffins on it