Apples and Oranges


(guitartom47) #1

‘Apples and Oranges’

Created in Blender


Anyone can do this. The apples and oranges are all photogrammetric, as well as the Costa Rican rosewood mug and the natural stone columns in the background. The columns came from a strip mall nearby.

The Rose of Sharon was modeled using leaves and petals of plants in my back yard and ‘The Grove’ addon.

Greg Zaal, if he were to see this, would recognize his wonderful HDRI image, which I used straight out of the box. No back plates. And such wonderful shadows!

FREE CC-0 HDRIs here: - consider donating. These are the best of the best.

Filmic, Denoise and principled shader are astounding.


However at such small focus distance the depth of field looks excessive for whatever objective.


(Vonzaku) #3

Nah. It’s gotta be a photo. O_O

Bloody hell this is amazing.

(Bunnyhog27) #4

Great work! Looks very photorealistic. But the lens flare on the apples might be a bit much.

Other than that great work!
Love the bump mapping on the oranges! Did you use micropolygon displacement?

(Kapil) #5

wow that looks great
maybe it is very obvious question but how did you created the material for apples. I am new to blender so although I can model some things but I have no idea when it is time to create materials.

(guitartom47) #6

sourvinos - yeah you’re probably right. I wonder if I should have used a longer lens. Sometimes I just love an image so much that I declare it done. Next time I’ll be more aware of DOF stuff like this. I did try to keep in mind that it’s a bright day so didn’t use as much as I could have.

Vonzaku - Thanks. Once in a great while my skill level creates the illusion that I’m not just this hack who throws things together at random. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bunnyhog27 - Thanks! Yeah, just call me JJ Abrams. I played with less flare and decided I liked this more. That doesn’t mean it looks good for everyone, but I liked it for this image. The oranges are photogrammetric. When I first created them the vertices numbered in the millions. I then decimated them down as much as possible and baked normal maps with the original model. No microdisplacement has been used here, though I have played with that and it does work. I hate that I have to switch to Blender Render to bake my height maps though.

Kapil - those are photogrammetry apples. I made a rig and then took a total of 144 pictures of an apple and then fed them into Agisoft photoscan software, which reconstructed some very nice, very real looking apples.

(Taholmes160) #7

Fantastic. How do you do the background?

(guitartom47) #8

Taholmes160 -

I think I bought this one, but the esteemed Greg Zaal is now GIVING HDRIS AWAY FOR FREE CC-0!!! If you do go there and pick up a few, consider donating on his patreon page. This background is actually part of the HDRI, but many typically use a seperate image for a back plate.

(KingPeuche) #9

I love it.
My own two cents that nobody asked for is that you should darken the whitest whites a bit and brighten the darkest darks as well.
That’s just me though, a hobbyist who isn’t at this level of skill just yet

(guitartom47) #10

KingPeuche, for you:

I pulled back on the brights and brought out the shadows per your thoughts. Personally, I like the higher contrast as it makes the lighting seem more dramatic. Some or maybe even most would prefer to see what is in the shadows more easily though.


in the ‘corrected’ version you have lost the luminosity of the sky, it looks like it’s going to rain, and the rose is dull;
the fruits look beautiful, but personally I still prefer the original all in all.


(S-Markt) #12

think about giving one or two apples brown marks. perfection through imperfection.

(guitartom47) #13

S-Markt, this one’s for you:

I shuffled a few so some defects might show on the leftmost apple. I changed nothing else. Better? I can’t tell.

(S-Markt) #14

the origninal version is better. i thought about some sort of scar, 10% of what you have changed, but it is not necessary.

(Greg Zaal) #15

Hah! I did recognize it instantly :smiley: nice work!

(sqips) #16

The first one is better, in my opinion. If the contrast could stay the same with just a slight decrease in the flare on the apples, it would be perfect.

(guitartom47) #17

Greg - Thanks for a great product! Gaffer is also extremely cool.

Sqips - I love flare too much I’m afraid. Hah!