Apple's new ipods!

Today, September 9, 2008 apple has released the new ipod nano and the new ipod touch. Following this was a new version of itunes, version 8.



It’s just remarketing of the same old product, but nonetheless congrats to them for doing a fantastic job of it! :stuck_out_tongue: New touch looks cool, the nano veers surprisingly from their signature design.

I actually like the look of the new nano, but it is just the same stuff with a new case.

I’m waiting for the iPhone firmware update this Friday. I just want to be able to use safari without it crashing.

This is ridiculous. I just bought an iPod Nano six months ago, and it’s already out of date with something that has quadruple its memory, more features, and a sleeker design. If I knew that they were going to come out with a better version a few months later, I wouldn’t have wasted 150 bucks on its now inferior counterpart. Can anyone else hear the distant mooing of the cash cow?

The real question though is did they make it easier to hook onto my turtle neck sweater?

In all seriousness they look cool. I didn’t know about the Apple Touch till a guy at work said someone else got one. I’d love to get an iPhone but too pricey for me.

Dude, I know your pain… I bought an iPod Touch about a month ago… shortly after the iPhone 3G came out. Now the one really cool feature that I wanted (built in speaker) is now added and I am speaker less. Also the price dropped $100. It really does suck.

Apple does this all the time though. If you always waited for the next version to be released then you’d never buy anything from Apple. Not too long after I bought a Shuffle that looked like a thumb drive they came out with those smaller ones. I think Apple knows their products are trendy so if they put out a new version every 6 months they know there is going to be that guy or girl that will go out and buy it so they can say they have the “new ipod” etc.

this sucks :frowning: I just got an ipod touch 8gb and now I can get a cooler looking one that is 16gb for the same price. im so mad

so apparently the update cost $10 and it didn’t really do anything except a “genius” playlist that just chooses songs like it and makes it into a playlist

oh yea and it has volume controls on the side and a speaker and improved battery life. 1 hour more video and 14 hours more music


Blenditall and Trevin:

Apple’s Latest and Greatest, pt. 1 - Me
That may change your mind a bit.

Sorry mate. But now I can get a new touch after christmas!

LinuxPimp, kkewley, and Lostinspace:
Try to sell your old ones quick before a lot of people realize there are new ones out! Like go on ebay now! You can sell your touch for at least $200!!

yea but I already got mine for $300 and $200 was from graduation so I spent/wasted :stuck_out_tongue: $100 of my own money.
@shadow - oh yea… get on aim I have some bad news (not about the game :()

i guess i’m the only person in the world not to understand the fuss about iphones, ipods and shuffles… I’m still using an SE phone with an 8gb memory stick which cost me the princely sum of £40.


no you’r not the only one. I’ve got an old nokia phone from before they had colour displays. Sturdy as hell, but to most people it looks like something from the stoneage. I don’t care.

I just cannot understand why they would release a gramatically incorrect tag line: The funnest Ipod ever. It should be “The Most Fun Ipod Ever.”

Has anyone read my blog post yet?