Apples {Still Life}

Well I’d say it is done. The only problem I had really was the leaves. Modeling okay. Texturing - it was either greasy looking leaves or like this. Couldn’t seem to get a nice in between.

My first real serious blender work. I’ve played around with it for a few months [well years, but off and on and never can claim I was serious about anything prior (more just messing around)]. Sorry in advance for the copyright watermark but…

Yes there is a golden apple.

And that little lonesome pear - the pear was the best out of what I’ve tried [wine bottle, wine glass, a bembel (clay pitcher used to pour apfelwein - apple cider), flowers, and a piece of jade colored pottery - even someone’s suggestion of an orange just wasn’t quite right].

Thoughts. Yes it has fireflies. To render it completely firefly free on this machine would take all night probably. So I’d like some suggestions before that.

Without the copyright, it is, still, obviously copyrighted though. The intent, is, potentially a book on still life.

Well anyone willing to comment or not? I mean it throws me for a loop. The first image I posted, which was hardly realistic, gets responses. The ones more towards realism get ignored.

Bowl material is great, while the apples themselves seem metallic to me.