Apple's Video Codec Requirements: Can Blender match them?

I am trying to upload a video for somebody explaining their iPhone app. However, Apple has very specific video type demands, and every time I upload it it says that the file type is unsupported.

Below is a screenshot of Apple’s requirements, as well as the first of the file arrangements I used, which Apple rejected. Does anybody know what file type and codec pairing will work? I’ve tried at least four different arrangements by now. Does anybody have experience with this?

The output file type should be H.264, and the encoding format should be Quicktime, codec MPEG-2 or MPEG-4.

I’m on a mac, mind you, so it’s possible that other OSes won’t have that option… In that case I’m sure it’s possible to use another program to convert formats.

Yeah I think that QT is deprecated on other OSs. Maybe you would be able to simply rewrap a H264 (in another app) as long as you conform to the right dimensions and audio codec?

I’m lost in the video CODEC/File Format jungle, and I was wondering if anyone could give me a tip on which (hopefully few) Blender export formats can be embedded in web pages to work on the largest number of browsers. HTML 5 provides a “VIDEO” tag supporting multiple formats and I’m wondering which ones I should provide to ensure that most browsers can view it.

Also what about “Flash”? Is that what’s used on this forum and by YouTube? How can I get from Blender output to a Flash file to put on a web page?

Sorry to interject in this topic, but I thought it was close enough to my question to fit rather than starting a new topic.

Thanks in advance.

I appreciate the reply. I don’t have any other video editing programs, so I don’t know how I’d use another one. However, I will use this set-up, and report back here when I get word of whether it has worked or not.


Mpeg 2 won’t work, thats the codec for DVD authoring. You want to try mp4

Yeah, I ended up using H.264 all the way around - except for “Format”, which needed to be “Quicktime”. Apple finally accepted this.

Thanks to everybody for your thoughts. And, for future lurkers trying to upload Blender videos to Apple, this arrangement should work.