Yay! I love apples!

Done In Blender 2.34, no Yafray, AO, Caustics, or any of that stuff. :wink:
Purely procedural textures, and ramp shaders. :smiley:

Ramp shaders are the best! :smiley:

Anyway, C&C are very welcome. :slight_smile:

Oh, and one without the glow:

Dude…nice! That’s really good, great job on the materials. You can kinda see the polys in the meshes, maybe up the sub surf? But hey that’s the only thing I can see right off the top.

Thanks, mr rob! :slight_smile:
I may post a wire or something, but It’s pretty simple. Or the material settings, perhaps… :slight_smile:

well done
simple design and nice texturing

Other than what mr_rob said, the only thing the strikes me as odd is that the stems seem to be coming from the wrong end of the apple. I always thought that the fatter part was at the top.

Great shader lemmy. Well done.


Everything about the apples is great. But I wouldn’t eat one. I’d want too since they look so delicious and I’m currently hungrey; but couldn’t, the depth into the apple at the stem makes it look kinda like they’re deflating.

And from experiecne (not mine thank God), eating deflating apples is simply a ‘bad idea’.

Yes I like them too… less is more… and that kind off applies here… though they don’t look eatable… but who cares…

man thats so nice i almost et my monitor :wink: («spelling)

Um. BgDM is right. You’ve got the stems sticking out of the wrong end. Heh. I like 'em though. You might consider bumping up the subsurf level, and then maybe trying some of that “YafRay stuff”.

Wow, thats pretty good!
I personally liked the models without the glow. Gave them a much more realistic look.
hehe, now i’m hungry!