Appleseed 1.8.0-beta Released

Here is an updated package that really should work out of the box:

No need to unpack textures first, we’ve done it. No need to adjust the Project Folder, it’s set to // by default (so the appleseed scene will be exported alongside the .blend file).

Just load the scene and hit F12. After a little while (the time it takes to export the geometry to disk) rendering should start. Feedback welcome!

We know of a number of bugs that we’ll fix as quickly as time and resources allow:

@burnin: Would you mind posting the scene where nodes don’t work?

EDIT: It’s OK, we managed to repro the bug here. Thanks.

I’ve done a moderate amount of coding for the Renderman plugin so I’m passably familiar with Python, although that exporter doesn’t use many fancy tricks so it was pretty easy to figure out.

What would be the best way to approach Blenderseed?

@jdent02 That’s awesome! The first thing to do would be to join us on Slack:

In addition to joining the team on Slack (which makes communication and synchronization much easier and faster), the general approach I would recommend is forking the blenderseed repo, cloning it locally, using a decent Python IDE (I love PyCharm: and looking for a small bug to fix or a small feature to add. Some ideas here:

But the image looks really sweet when it’s done tho… :slight_smile:

@cet77 Cool :slight_smile: Please share your renders, we could always use some nice artwork from the community to help promote appleseed. We’ll make sure it gets a lot of exposure if it stands out!

Oh, and of course: If you find bugs that aren’t already listed in our bug tracker [1] or you hit workflow annoyances, please share them with us, here or on our forum [2]. We want to make blenderseed nice and agreable to use.


Awesome, it has a lot of features, specially VFX oriented.

We just released version 0.6.0 of blenderseed with many fixes, additions, improvements and cleanups:

This version should be a lot more pleasant to use than than the last public version.

Thanks @jdent02 and Luke for the amazing work!

When I click on the exe of the app I do receive a message saying ‘this executable requires a CPU with SSE 4.2 support’… what does it mean (I am on Windows 7, 64 bit)?

Also, the settings of Blenderseed appear but the shader previewing does not work (despite the path’s being directed to the bin directory of the app in the add on settings tab). What may be going on?

It means your CPU is too old… as it doesn’t support SSE 4.2 instruction set it won’t render, not even a preview.

Franz, any news on the next short film? I read it’s to showcase volumetrics and sss.

Thanks for the information Burnin… I did not know it. : - )

New release of blenderseed is available:

Big items are a redone user interface and all previously missing bsdf materials (volumes and SSS will be in the next release). Plus a boatload of smaller features and bug fixes. Check it out!