Applied Texture Not Showing Up in Render (Cycles)

Hi, as you can see in the screenshot below my applied texture is not showing up in viewpoint render. Why is this? I’m experimenting with textures and bump mapping here; the texture and bump map doesn’t show. Maybe I got the nodes wrong. Any advice would be helpful.


Also, here’s the blend file: Textures won’t show on tags (1.64 MB)

You didn’t include your texture image in your blend file !!

Replacing with another image file it shows up as the bump once you add some light into your scene

I didn’t add the image because that wasn’t the problem I thought I was having, I thought it might me something to do with the node, etc. Alright, the bumps show up but the colors don’t, it’s all grey how can I include the colors?

Edit: Never mind, I plugged the image texture color into the diffuse and glass nodes and now it has colors.

Since you’re here I need help with another problem :slight_smile:

In the screenshot below, when I render the scene and when I look at it through the camera view the back plane is cut, how come?
blend file: [ATTACH]273415[/ATTACH]