Applied transforms, want to scale local axis

I got the problem that i want to scale an object based on it’s local Z axis but i have already rotated and applied all transforms. Is there a way to scale on a local axis after you’ve applied transformations? If not, can i somehow return the object to the global rotation, reseting the rotation transformation?

Appreciate all help :slight_smile:

Change the Transform Orientation to Local.


Applying rotation gets rid of object’s own rotation, so the answer to the question is no.

You could find a suitable face in your object that has your desired orientation, create a custom transform orientation from that face, and scale using that orientation.

Won’t help, transforms are applied.

Thanks for the advice, sadly it didn’t work for me.


since 2.81 you can transform object origins and axes without touching the mesh. Just check “affect only origins” in the transform options.

Thanks, i’ll go ahead and try that!

Thank you, it worked!