Apply alpha channels with jpg

Hi! how can I apply alpha channels with a black and white jpb + the image? What are the setting? Must I use png?

The manual describes this in detail:


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I dont really get it… So I can only do image alpha masking with png file only?

with png or tga if you have alpha and color in same image. But png,tga,jpg… if you use one image for transparency and one for color. There is at least two different methods, so transparency image or the alpha channel of an image. Of hand i cannot help more about it have not done it in a while. if y pack the blend from file menu and make it downloadable i could mess with it though

Sorry I misinterpreted the question.

TGA and PNG both support alpha transparency, so when you load them as an image texture, you would enable “Use Alpha” in the “Map Image” properties, and it will then use the alpha channel in the image.

Otherwise you can use a black and white image to mask another image, which is what is describes in the link.


Hi! I tried the masking. It did not work for gamemode / realtime