Apply Camera Rotation in Blender 2.90

I have been out of the loop for the past year-and-a-half—fighting cancer. I am back on my feet now. My last version of Blender was 2.79. Upon my return, I am suddenly up to 2.90. Just about everything is now different, and it has been a struggle to get back on track.

My question today, concerns applying rotation to a camera. When a camera object is created, it is pointing straight down. I want to set my own reference direction—for example, “due east”. However, when I try to apply the transform (ctrl-A) I get an error saying “Object has not data to transform!”

I used to be able (with 2.79) to apply rotation to a camera. What has changed? Do I need to do some special procedure? Accurate camera rotation is now extremely difficult, as the axes are all jacked-around.

First of all, welcome back and good to hear you kicked that thing in the face!

As for the Camera object though, I’ve bad news: your memory is deceiving you. You couldn’t apply rotation to camera, not in 2.79, not in 2.66, not in 2.49 :slight_smile: Nor can you today. Also, nothing has changed with camera axes either. It is, as it was, XY view, Z depth.