Apply custom pattern to surface

Hi everybody,

Could you show me how to create a grid pattern with thickness and apply it to a surface which is a vest that i made with makeclothes addon. Or just locate the instructions. I have been google it for weeks but nothing is useful.
Please be specific because i am not good with computer and trying to become better.

This is the vest that i made.

and grid pattern (3mm thick) made with Fusion 360

Please help me, i am really depressed right now.
Thank in advance.

Please be specific
You also need to be specific

create a grid pattern with thickness and apply it to a surface
What do you mean by thickness? Does this mean add a texture to the clothing or replace the clothing with an open mesh ? What are you going to do with this object ? Do you need mesh displacement or would the visual effect of the thickness be ok ?

You have also failed to supply the .blend file for your object with the texture packed in the file (File / External Data menu)

I apologize for the confusing.

I am trying to make a 3D printed vest with blender. This is the vest file Simple_vest.blend (3.89 MB) that i am working on.

What i mean is that i want to replace the clothing with grid pattern and the outcome would be a mesh vest which is similar as mesh shirt that people wear.

Sorry about my English.
Thank you.