Apply Deformation problem in 2.34 (linux)

The ‘Apply deformation’ is not working in blender 2.34 under linux (fedora 1), The whole scripts menu is also not functioning, leaving those which are already in the blender. :frowning:

However they worked fine under windows. :<

The scripts menu gives the updateld list only after you press thet ‘update menu’ I guess this is the case for every one. But It just did not worked in linux.

Is there any probs with linux or just my machine is unable to do it. I have python2.34 installed if that had to do with anything.

Do any one seem to know the problem??


moved topic to correct place…

It all seems to work well here. Debian sid with 2.6 kernel and python 2.3 (I also have python 2.2 installed but /usr/bin/python is soft linked to python2.3). I have blender installed in my home directory eg:


the scripts are in /home/myhome/blender/.blender/scripts

The only thing that seems to be missing from the linux 2.34 version is the program for making stand alone games/walkthroughs. I needed python2.2 for the build program for compiling from cvs (2.3 didn’t work)

Hope this helps,

Looks to me that you haven’t set your PYTHON_PATH correctly, or even haven’t set it at all…

If that’s the case, check for linux specific instructions, in the “Python & Plugins” forum. There’s a sticky post there dealing with the issue…

<EDIT> Also it might be your python version… Having the latest version doesn’t mean that every script, will necessary work… Maybe you should downgrade to 2.3.3…

thanks zontzy,

Thanks for the informative reply I think that .blender/scripts is the culprit.
I completely forgot to move that folder to the /home/bin where I have setup the blender.

Well I didnt knew that there was any scripts folder inside the new blender 2.34 and I was suspecting, that the linux version was not complete. :frowning:

I beleive this will correct it.

No pythonpath problems in linux!
I updated 2.34 python for I think Aqsis. Otherwise every thing was working fine and it is even now.

Thanks guys.


Since as you say, there aren’t any python issues, then that seems as a very logical explanation…

Good luck man… :smiley: