Apply displacement modifiers after box mapping?

Is there a way to apply displacement modifiers after box mapping? The reason I ask is that I have a material that looks good when box mapped, but looks rubbish when I add the required displacement modifier to the mesh (the details of the box mapping become all mushy due to the resulting high detail mesh). It seems like something that could be done with baking if it supports box mapped objects, but I don’t think it did last time I tried.

To complicate matters, my material has another component that alters its appearance based on the facing direction of each face, I want this to be applied after the displacement modifiers so that detail is included.


I’m trying to figure what you want, and if there’s any alternative without any luck :confused:.
The good news is that baking supports boxmapped objects… But i think you’ll get a distorted texture again, after the displacement.

can you post an image with your object and material?

After producing some test case images to try and isolate the problem, I’m not even sure if there is a problem at all. I will post the test images when I get back to my main computer (though they will just show that my problem might have been in my head all along!).

However, this now reminds me that my initial problem was not this (oops!). I had wanted to box map my displacement texture so that it matches the diffuse texture placement. Is that possible? It seems that the mapping options for displacement do not include anything related to box mapping. I have tried all the options i can see and nothing seemed to work.

Use UV mapping instead. Displacement fully supports that mapping mode.

I will try the UV mapping again, but to be honest it really wasn’t turning out well for me. The box mapping was doing everything else fine, apart from the displacement. It seems like quite a basic feature to be missing to not have the same mapping options for diffuse and displacement.

you can try true displacement, or bake the displacement into a new Texture based on UVmap…

Thanks, true displacement might work…however seems like the “use subdivision” option seems to be buggy, I end up with some slightly transparent parts on the model.

I never had any luck with those “canned” projection types like box, cylinder and sphere.


  1. Use 32 bit maps only. (avoid 8 bit!!)
  2. Box map it as diffuse (he he)
  3. UV unwrap the object.
  4. enter cycles baking. Bake diffuse map only. (32 bit B&W please)
  5. Use this map on the multires + displacement combo modifiers.
  6. Some areas may have issues due to the value of the displacement. Expected so. Use weight painting to control the amount of displacement (modifier). You can still add some bump on the shader.

Many alternatives though.
You could use a B&W vertex painting set to control cycles true displacement (via attribute node)

Thanks Michalis, I will try these techniques out. :slight_smile: