Apply honeycomb pattern on target mesh


I’m trying to model this interesting surface but I can’t find a way to “transfer” it to a target mesh - see attached image.
So far I’ve tried 2 different approaches, 1 using a displacement map as a material on the target mesh where the honeycomb pattern is created procedurally. The other approach includes a couple of array modifiers and a curve modifier to bend the pattern mesh around the target.

The 1st approach has produced results that are closer to what is shown in the image (still needs some final touches though). The second approach I’m not quiet sure how to proceed. For the second approach I’ve also tried using a shrinkwrap modifier ( project method with positive distance) but I didn’t get the desired result.

Assuming that I move forward with the curve modifier approach, is there a way to apply the patter mesh to the target? e.g knife project, clean mesh and the extrude.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Link for the second result since there’s a limit for new users here

Try the Shrinkwrap-Modifier.

I think you should have a look at the tissue plugin (included in blender). Its a tesselator which works on quads.

Should give you the result yr after.

Does it have to be modelled? Just exported some textures of a honeycomb material from Substance Painter and could have the same effect.

Thanks for the suggestion but this didn’t achieve the desired result. Tessellate replaces each face of the target mesh with a pattern - in my case a cell of the honeycomb. It could be that I’m using it wrong though.

So far, the only thing that produced the closest results for me, was a texture so I’d say you are right. But I would prefer to model it, cause texturing seems like cheating. :slight_smile:

Yeah, you will need to make your hexagon as a tilable hexagon.

See You tube for how to use it.